About Us


Hi! Here’s a little introduction to our family, our mad life and our big build! I started this blog as a way to record each step of the extensions and house transformation and anything else that pops into my mind.

I’m a wife, mum of 3 (a brilliant boy and bonkers boy/girl twins) and a home owner – all while working full time. Life is busy and can sometimes be a little stressful, so to top it off my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to undertake a large loft conversion and kitchen extension, while still living in the house.

My husband of 10 years is brilliant – he’s a great dad to our babies, a dab hand at making paella and luckily he can turn his hand to pretty much anything mechanical and, more importantly, most things DIY based! This means he’s going to be a busy chap once the builders have built the shell of the extension and finished building the bedrooms and shower room in the loft. He’ll be doing most of the finishing from fitting the kitchen, laying the flooring, tiling, installing the sanitary ware in the bathroom down to painting and hanging curtains. I’m not allowed to paint, apparently I’m not accurate enough and I leave it patchy. Hey ho – I’m very happy to leave it to the professional! I will of course be on hand to make the tea and pass any screwdrivers that may be called upon.

What will make this build particularly interesting is the face that we’ll be living in the house along with our three children – our 8 year old son and 20 month old twins – while it’s being pulled apart and put back together. Our oldest will love it and will want to watch it all happen. Unfortunately, I’m pretty certain the twins will not only want to watch but will also want to help out at every possible moment!! I can only imagine the fall out and tantrums when they’re are told that isn’t going to happen. I might need to add a padlock for their playpen to next weeks shopping list!

I do hope this project doesn’t end in divorce. I really do like his paella!!