The Loft Starts to Take Shape!

Now, unfortunately I’m one of those people that has very little vision when it comes to interiors. I am hoping that with this, for me pretty extensive, home renovation that I will get much better at picturing what a room will look like before it is all done up. It’s a much cheaper alternative to fully furnishing and styling a room to then realise it’s not as you’d hoped or expected!

At this point with the loft the internal walls were being put up, draining and plumbing installed for the shower room, and the insulation and plasterboard was being completed. At last I could see how the rooms would loom and the space they would provide. Hurrah!

The plan for the loft is to move our eldest (9 year old) into the very slightly larger of the two rooms where he will also have almost sole use of  the shower room up there. The second room will be our family study and games room. When I say games I mean the Xbox and PS4 for my son (and husband) to play on, as well as our family computer desk and three tall IKEA book cases. Currently the computer desk is in my son’s room and the bookcases are living in our dining room – the soon to be twins play room.

This house, as you will, see is a bit like one of those children’s toy puzzles where you have to move one piece to allow the next piece to fall into place. There is an order in which we have to do the rooms which I’ll cover in another post.

Anyway, back to the loft. Here are some progress pics to show the space being created. Again the workmanship of the contractor was brilliant and the entire structural build and internal work, up to and including electrics, plastering and glazing, was 6 weeks! We were 2 very happy clients! However the kitchen extension was a very different matter!! We’ll get on to that another time!

Then the plasterboard really gives it life (sounds dramatic but I was so excited about this)!

A couple of things make this space a little nicer and more interesting are the Velux above the staircase and a little cubby hole for our son to have as a reading nook. The Velux may seem like such an obvious choice but when we were initially working out the windows we wanted we didn’t think of that until the architect pointed it out. It throws so much light back onto the first floor which we now realise is so important. That would have been a big regret had we not done it.

The other little addition, again suggested by the architect, was to make use of the very small space under the Velux over the staircase. Instead of leaving this a totally open gap between the base of the staircase and the Velux, we had the floor of the loft continued along this back part of the wall and have had a small door built in, allowing our son to have it as a small extra bit of space. I expect he will have his bean bag and maybe a very small bookcase out there, or it might be a place he chills out with his iPad. Much later on we are planning on updating the staircases to glass and oak so he will have a banister-esque glass partition put up for safety. Here are a couple of pictures hopefully illustrating what I mean:

Reading nook – glass barrier will be installed
Son’s room with door on the right

And then the plastering began!!!

So to bring everything up to date as of this post I now work from home and have set up my temporary desk in what will be the study, we have painted my son’s room in his favourite colour – light blue and the shower part of the shower room has been tiled.





All the sanding and glossing of the woodwork in his room is my job for this week. The plan is to get him in his new bedroom (minus carpet) for his birthday — HALLOWEEN!!!!


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Hi, I’m Gemma. I'm a wife, mum of 3 (a brilliant boy and bonkers boy/girl twins) working full time, a home owner and soon to be an amateur renovator! Feel free to follow my diary to see how it goes.

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