Up in the Loft

Ahh the loft, we couldn’t be happier! Both with the amount of space we have been able to eek out of it but more importantly with the amazing builder we had. The bulk of the structure and carpentry was carried out by one chap with the help of an additional labourer when needed, but this was pretty infrequent.

When we viewed this house back in 2016 we were looking at its potential – both in the loft and on the ground floor – as well as considering the space it provided in its current state. When my husband clambered into the loft to check it out on one of the viewings he was pleasantly surprised with the height and space it offered. At the time we offered on the house I was pregnant but little did we know we were expecting twins!!!! When we found out we were relieved (to say the least) that we had room to extend if we wanted.

When we began looking into extending and the best layout to suit the needs of our growing family we were very happy to decide on 2 rooms and a shower room. Another big bonus was that we wouldn’t have to lose a room on the 1st floor to accommodate the staircase! The way the landing was laid out meant we could just add a return on the landing and the staircase could go directly above the main staircase. Pictures in the previous blog may show this better but I’ll add a couple here to show what I mean.

The loft build started on the brink of a heatwave – 26th July 2018. Being a total novice to house renovation and building work I was really impressed with how they set up the scaffolding to store all the materials they need. They created a ‘walk way’ around the entire house at roof level which was deep enough to hold the metal and wood work needed.

Very early on in the build as the heat rose, the contractor started to regularly leave pretty early in the day. Now, we realised it would be hot up there and expected the chap to take as many breaks as he needed but after a few days of leaving site around 1pm for the day we both started to get concerned about how long the entire build was going to take and what work was actually being done. This concern was born out of watching a lot of Rogue Traders and hearing so many horror stories relating to builders and jobs either not being completed or being built so badly that we would need to get elements re-done.

To satisfy himself Mike went up into the loft space when the contractor wasn’t there and was absolutely amazed at what had been done, especially in this heat! The majority of the beam work had all been put in place and the work was immaculate! It was such a relief and from that point we just left him to it.

After he had completed all the internal support work he could then break through the skin of the roof.

From this point the loft build was really unbelievable, so quick and trouble free. Below are a collection of progress photos and dates to show how it all unfolded.

Note: The dates listed on all the photos below relate to the camera date stamp – although my husband was so excited he took photos daily, so these should be pretty accurate!

6th & 7th August:


8th August:


11th August:


13th August:

And in go the stairs!!!!!! HAPPY TIMES!!


14th August:

Tile Time!! Now I would have loved a beautiful wood cladding or something a little more attractive as I’m not a fan of the tiled box loft extension, however funds just wouldn’t stretch, and actually the tiles blend really well and are very subtle.

That’s it for this update, the next one will follow the internal changes and the creation of the 2 rooms and shower room. Or ‘My Apartment’ as our eldest son likes to call it!


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Hi, I’m Gemma. I'm a wife, mum of 3 (a brilliant boy and bonkers boy/girl twins) working full time, a home owner and soon to be an amateur renovator! Feel free to follow my diary to see how it goes.

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