Build Prep Starts

Week one starts with a bang! The morning after all the scaffolding was put up, the materials are delivered for the loft and the ground work begins for the kitchen extension!

I didn’t realise how much space there was on the platform at the top of the house – there must be loads because the contents of the crane truck fitted up there nicely. This was everything needed from the steels and timber to the Velux windows.

The location of the house is very handy too, as being next to a road with a deep grass verge means the larger vehicles can park up and not cause too much of a problem.

Mike Face-timed while I was at work to show me the crane doing it’s thing – it was so impressive to watch, especially seeing the arm reach right over the house to the platform at the back!

Throughout the week there is really good progress in the loft – I have no intention of going up there to have a look but from the amount of noise and the progress report from the builder this should move quite fast.

One issue that we missed the mark on was around some conifer roots that are next to our extension footings.

We knew these had to come out. In fact Mike had cut and removed the trees about 6 weeks ago in preparation. We had assumed that the builders would have a small digger on site and they would use that to removed that flower bed and the conifer roots in it. It turns out the builders are digging the footings by hand and won’t be using any heavy equipment.

After being told the building inspector would be visiting to check the footings and any potential issues next week, we realised there was some urgency in getting these out. Luckily the roots are on our side of the fence so we could get rid of them without any permission. Having spoken to a friend who had this issue with their kitchen extension, if we hadn’t have been able to remove them the footings would have needed to be dug deeper which would potentially have dented the budget by an additional £3k!!

After ringing around a few tree surgeons we were passed the number of one chap. He came out to have a look on the Wednesday and said he’d be available on the Friday to get them out. He was brilliant and worked on the hottest day of the year to do this by hand. He did a great job so we’re now ready for the building inspector and, fingers crossed, for the extension to get moving!




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