The Guest Room

I have always wanted a guest room. A proper grown up bedroom for family and friends to use whenever they might come and want to stay. We did have a ‘spare’ room in our last house but while being the place for a nice pull out futon, it also had to house three tall Ikea bookcases and our computer table – not ideal for a peaceful retreat!

That changed with this house. We are very lucky to have a master bedroom with ensuite, a second large double bedroom for our son, a reasonable double for the guestroom and a small but usefully square fourth bedroom, perfect for the twins’ cotbeds and chest of drawers.

The guest room was the second room we completed, after doing up our master bedroom. (I can’t write a blog on that now as it’s currently cramed with piles of clothes, our ironing board, my wedding dress and other bits and bobs from the loft in preparation for the building work.)

The previous owners seemed to have an affinity with brown with the guest room being no different. It had a ‘feature’ wall of leather effect wallpaper with the other three walls being a light blue – not my style.

Here are some before pics:


Having spent many nights on Pinterest I had fallen for the grey, dusky pink and copper trend. I know, I’m a couple of years late with this one and people have probably moved on to other colour schemes, but I think it’s great and can be as girly or as neutral as you want it to be.

Finding the right grey was the next challenge! I had considered painting one or three walls a carefully selected pink but my other half suggested going with grey with pink bedding and copper accents – he was right. I finally narrowed the greys down to two but when I painted some pieces of A4 paper and placed them around the room I noticed how blue they looked. After testing some more I settled on Goose Down by Dulux and it’s perfect.

Before I’d even stripped the wallpaper I had bought the bedding, quilt, picture, picture frame, bedside lamps, mirror, clock and vase. Just to be prepared. I had seen, what I thought, was a brilliant idea for a guest room – get a large attractive jar and fill it with all those skincare and perfume samples you inevitably collect from magazines or offers in stores. It keeps them all together and is a treat for people to help themselves to when staying over. I added some miniatures of shower gel, shampoo and toothpaste in case visitors forget theirs.


I had a vision in my head of how I wanted it to look, had decided on the colour and bought the accents. However the actual decorating was a problem. The paint kept bubbling in patches as it was drying. After reading up on this common issue I spent a couple of hours sanding the bubbles back and sealing the walls with a thin coat of emulsion. This did help but didn’t solve the problem totally, however after three coats the few bubbles left don’t notice.

Here is the finished product (we’ll order the matching bed frame soon):


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Hi, I’m Gemma. I'm a wife, mum of 3 (a brilliant boy and bonkers boy/girl twins) working full time, a home owner and soon to be an amateur renovator! Feel free to follow my diary to see how it goes.

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